Re: Missing features

Are there plans to implement the delete ring buffer?
if i cut something with v$y then go somewhere else and C^r0 it should drop my yank there.  Instead, it seems that my yank isn't promoted into the ring buffer. In fact, it doesn't seem like there is a buffer at all.
If i use dd 5 times, "", "0,"1,"2, and "3, should have stuff in them.

Have you reconsidered implementing vimscript? I'd be really nice to be able to use some of the more powerful formatting scripts from vim.

Is there any way to change where/how VS setups the folds in code so that they are more like the vim fold=syntax ?
Even without that, the fold commands seem wonky. zO zo zC and zc all seem to be set as "toggle"?  They also seem to fold the outermost block instead of the innermost.

Using VS2005.