Re: Clashing Keybindings dialog

Is there a way to disable this? It pops up every time I run VS.NET. Short of actually fixing the keybindings, I mean (the dialog is kind of confusing--I'm not sure what to do with it).


Re: Clashing Keybindings dialog

Ok, can you copy the contents of both lists and paste them here? I'll let you know what is happening and how to fix it.

Indeed, it's a confusing dialog for a somewhat convoluted concept. I do plan to implement a better key-interception mechanism in a future version, which won't need to remove VS keybindings, and thus won't require such a confusing UI.


  - Jon


Re: Clashing Keybindings dialog

Oh, I just noticed the "scan for clashing keybindings on startup" option, so I will turn that off. But I'm still confused by this. I can imagine what you're trying to tell me in the dialog, but I'm a bit dense at the moment. I think it's the concept of "saved keybindings". Who's saved it?

I have the default VS 2008 C# keybindings on a fresh install of the final bits.

Edit.MakeLowercase=Text Editor::Ctrl+U
Edit.GotoBrace=Text Editor::Ctrl+]
Edit.CharTranspose=Text Editor::Ctrl+T
Edit.SelectCurrentWord=Text Editor::Ctrl+W
Edit.ViewWhiteSpace=Text Editor::Ctrl+R, Ctrl+W
Edit.ToggleWordWrap=Text Editor::Ctrl+E, Ctrl+W
Edit.IncrementalSearch=Text Editor::Ctrl+I
Refactor.Rename=Global::Ctrl+R, Ctrl+R

View.Toolbox=Global::Ctrl+Alt+X||Global::Ctrl+W, X||Global::Ctrl+W, Ctrl+X
Debug.Threads=Global::Ctrl+Alt+H||Global::Ctrl+D, T||Global::Ctrl+D, Ctrl+T
View.SolutionExplorer=Global::Ctrl+Alt+L||Global::Ctrl+W, S||Global::Ctrl+W, Ctrl+S
View.PropertiesWindow=Global::F4||Global::Ctrl+W, P||Global::Ctrl+W, Ctrl+P
View.TaskList=Global::Ctrl+\, Ctrl+T||Global::Ctrl+\, T||Global::Ctrl+W, T||Global::Ctrl+W, Ctrl+T
View.Output=Global::Ctrl+Alt+O||Global::Ctrl+W, O||Global::Ctrl+W, Ctrl+O
View.ObjectBrowser=Global::Ctrl+Alt+J||Global::Ctrl+W, J||Global::Ctrl+W, Ctrl+J
View.DocumentOutline=Global::Ctrl+Alt+T||Global::Ctrl+W, U||Global::Ctrl+W, Ctrl+U


Re: Clashing Keybindings dialog

It's not you being dense, it's the system and the dialog I implemented smile

The idea is that ViEmu removes VS keybindings that clash with vi(m) commands, and restores them when you disable ViEmu (either from the ViEmu settings dialog in Tools|Options|ViEmu or by pressing the Ctrl-Shift-Alt-V quick-toggle). That way, Ctrl-F will usually just scroll as you would expect, but if a colleague comes over to use your computer, you can press Ctrl-Shift-Alt-V, he can use VS normally, use Ctrl-F to "Find", etc... Then, when you re-enable ViEmu, keybindings are removed again.

Hopefully the dialog is clearer now? The "Saved keybindings" have been removed by ViEmu, and will be reenabled dynamically. The "Current clashing keybindings" are just that, active VS keybindings that ViEmu finds to be clashing.

The way to fix this is the following:

1) Click "Restore" under the left-hand-side list. Answer yes to the confirmation dialog
2) Click "Forget" under the left-hand-side list (also answer yes).

Now, the left-hand-side list should be empty, and all keybindings should be active on the right hand side. Final step:

3) Click "Save and remove" under the right-hand-side list (answer yes to the confirmation).

This should leave the right-hand-side list empty, having removed the offending keybindings, and all of them should be on the left-hand-side list (removed, but remembered by ViEmu to be restored when ViEmu is deactivated).

Let me know if this doesn't work fine, or if I was as dense explaining myself as implementing the dialog...