Re: 'cc' and autoindenting


when I'm editing a C++ source code and I press 'cc', viemu replaces the current line and places the cursor at the beginning of it. In vim the behaviour is a little bit different when cindent autoindenting mode is on: 'cc' replaces the current line but the cursor is placed according to autoindentation.

I think the vim 'cc' behavior is the correct one. You say: "I want a new line instead of the current one." And the new line commands always autoindent ('o', 'O', <CR> etc.).

Implementation of this feature (or correction of this bug? smile) must be pretty easy for you. I can imagine you could have a configuration option that would switch it on/off. Could you do it, please. It would be very useful for me.

Thank you.



Re: 'cc' and autoindenting

Hi Tom,

I'll look into it. It's possibly not very easy, because VS has a pretty convoluted way of managing automatic indentation: you have to somehow fake, towards the 'language service', that the user is pressing the 'Return' key, which is often not easy to do. In any case, I will try and post about it here.