Re: ViEmu 2010 and CodeRush

Does a compatibility plugin for ViEmu 2010 exist for CodeRush(similar to the CodeRush plugin for ViEmu 2008)?

If not, does ViEmu expose an interface where one could write a compatibility plugin for CodeRush?



Re: ViEmu 2010 and CodeRush

Any response?  A simple yes or no would be acceptable.


Re: ViEmu 2010 and CodeRush

Sorry for the delays in answering, we're trying to catch up with quite a huge amount of support activity caused by the migration to VS2010...

There is no compatibility plug-in. What are the main compatibility issues? What APIs/interfaces would you need to fix them?


  - Jon


Re: ViEmu 2010 and CodeRush

I would need the ability to get and set ViEmu's mode(similar to the issues the old ViEmu faced with 3rd party plugins) and, idealy, some type of event notification when ViEmu's mode changes.


Re: ViEmu 2010 and CodeRush

I'm curious as to whether anything has changed in regards to a notification or plugin system for ViEmu so that we can provide a deeper and more thorough compatibility layer between ViEmu and other VS addins(for me CodeRush, but I'm sure it would be useful for others also)?


Re: ViEmu 2010 and CodeRush

Sorry, rhaehnel, that is still in the TO-DO list. I can't give you a date as to when it will be implemented, but we have it in mind to at least implement a small interface to get and set ViEmu's mode, as you asked.


  - Isaac


Re: ViEmu 2010 and CodeRush

Interesting.  I was poking around in the ViEmuTen.dll and found the ViEmuService which exposes methods to both get the current mode and set it to input/normal mode- and it seems to work!  These implemented methods are, I think, all of the functionality I need to do what I wanted to do.



Re: ViEmu 2010 and CodeRush

Hi, Rhaehnel

Yes, at some point we implemented that but if I believe it was causing some undesired side effects so it was put aside until we managed to put some more time into it. If it works for you that's great, thanks!