Re: Licensing question

I am currently using viemu for VS which my employer purchased for me.  While I also use SQL Server Management studio and Microsoft Word extensively on my machine at work, I was limited to only the one product purchase.   I have, however, been thinking about purchasing all three versions for use at home.  Inasmuch as the licensing specifies that I can use them on any machine for which I am the principal user and that is true of my machine at work, would it therefore be acceptable for me to install my personal copies of viemu for Word and viemu for SQL on my work machine as well as on my machines at home?

- Les


Re: Licensing question

Hi Les,

Indeed, the licensing is completely per-user and you can use the licenses both at home and at work, and home/office laptops you may use, etc...

The reasoning behind this licensing scheme was that vi/vim editing is a very personal choice, so I thought I'd favor a customer being able to suit their personal preference in all environments they use.

Thank you very much for your consideration towards the licensing and I hope you will be able to enjoy vi/vim editing on all ViEmu-supported environments.

  - Jon