Re: Plugin conflict, Taglocity vs. ViEmu


FYI, I have found that the Taglocity plugin (which is used for managing e-mail messages with a tagging system) conflicts with ViEmu.

The issue is the Taglocity window that appears at the bottom of the message composition window.  This window provides an interface by which tags may be attached to the message.  Unfortunately, this is the same place where the ViEmu command line would appear.

In Taglocity, if I turn off that feature (so that the tagging interface doesn't appear at the bottom of the message composition window), ViEmu works.

If the Taglocity tagging window is on, ViEmu doesn't work, and Word crashes when I close the message composition window.

I will also send this message to the folks at Taglocity.

Tim Crews


Re: Plugin conflict, Taglocity vs. ViEmu

Hello Tim,

I'll install Taglocity and try to address the issue. Hopefully it won't be too complex!


  - Jon


Re: Plugin conflict, Taglocity vs. ViEmu

Tim, apologies for not addressing this earlier. I've been able to reproduce the problem and implement a fix. Can you uninstall your current version, download and install the following one, and let me know if it works fine for you?


I'm working in a proper ViEmu/Word&Outlook 1.5 version for the next few days, addressing a few outstanding issues, and I'd like to make sure this works fine. I plan to release this officially together with the new 2.2 version of the VS and SQL products.

Thanks and best regards,