Re: Request: Ctrl-v (paste) functionality in Insert mode

I've unmapped Ctrl-V from my global keybindings so that ViEmu can receive it (and it goes into column-editing mode instead, as expected).

However, I would still like to be able to use Ctrl-V to paste while I am in Insert mode. Currently, ctrl-V does nothing (probably because I unmapped it:)).

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Re: Request: Ctrl-v (paste) functionality in Insert mode


I suggest you use the 'vim' way: <Ctrl-R> followed by a register identifier will paste at the current position in insert, replace, or while typing a '/' search or an ex command. Use " or an invalid register specifier to recall the contents of the default register - thus, I use <Ctrl-R><Ctrl-R> nowadays (this is not vim incompatible, but I'm keeping it as long as ViEmu doesn't implement vim's behavior for <Ctrl-R><Ctrl-R> pasting).

As soon as 2.0 is ready you will be able to map <Ctrl-V> like this:

  :imap <Ctrl-V> <Ctrl-R>"

BTW, pasting in the command line is very useful when using :s substitution. I often "ay the string to replace and "by the replacement string, and use :%s/^Ra/^Rb/g to save typing.