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Just wanted to let you know, I love ViEmu and I am trying to convince my company to get it for me, but either way, the demo is running great.

My favorite VI command is cw (change word) and I notice it isn't in the documentation anywhere though it is supported.  It makes me wonder, what other commands are there that I just don't know about.  I am wondering if you could compile just one sheet of all supported VI commands, nothing fancy like the keyboard cheat sheet is required, this would just be for advance users to see what else is out there.  If you don't have time thats cool, just a request.



Re: Document Request

Jon, thanks a lot for the compliments and the feedback.

You are right in that 'cw' is not documented as a standalone command. The reason is that it is a 'composite' command, built using the (c)hange operator and the (w)ord motion. These two parts are documented in the 'motions' and 'operators' sections of the documentation. One missing point is that ViEmu, as vim, treats a (c)hange over a (w)ord motion as a special case, in that the target of the motion is moved back to the end of the previous work. This way, the spacing between words is preserved, unlike what the (d)elete command does.

The documentation is a bit dry in the treating of the input model: motions, commands and operators. Unlike the very detailed and almost tutorial-like section on regular expressions, this part only lists the commands and describes them succintly. I intend to improve that part in the future, but I think it is now more important to improve ViEmu itself.

Meanwhile, the graphical cheat sheet and tutorial I prepared a while ago should be of some use in this area:


Thanks again!