Re: ViEmuW :q, :q!, ZQ

I've recently noticed that typing :q or :q! in ViemuW 1.0.24 with Word 2003 will save and quit, seemingly the same as :wq, :x or ZZ (rather than reverting and quitting or quitting without saving, as it should). Also, ZQ isn't implemented (should do the same as :q!).
Trying to see if my ~/.viemuwrc (containing two noremaps) was to blame, I renamed it and found its settings were still active. I suppose this could be an unrelated bug and I doubt my configuration is to blame...but could it be?


Re: ViEmuW :q, :q!, ZQ

Hello Kinscore, apologies for not getting back to you earlier.

Indeed, :w, :q, :q! and friends are a bit ugly in Word and Outlook. Part of the reason is that Word's extensibility model doesn't allow some operations. The other part is that it still needs some more work.

I've also seen that ZQ is indeed not implemented, this is an oversight.

None of the issues should be due to your ~/.viemuwrc file.

I will try to address at least some of the issues in the next few days and I will post back here. Thanks for your feedback and for your patience!

  - Jon