Re: Shift-quote (to access buffer) on empty line inserts double-quote

Using 2.5.13 (best yet!) while I believe I've seen the following issue since 2.5.7:

If you are in command mode in a VS2010 source file but on an empty line, and hit the quote/double-quote key, ViEmu will add the quote or double-quote on the empty line, instead of waiting for the next key press which would usually be a buffer name.

For example, if you have some text in buffer named "a" that you wish to paste onto an empty line, you would, in command mode, type

While this works, it will have added an extra double-quote character at the beginning as soon as you would have pressed the " key to access the buffer.

I have searched the forum for a few months, believing I was hallucinating, but just today I realized it wasn't random but is reproducible if and only if you do this on an empty line.

Besides that, 2.5.13 is the best yet and is really mature; thanks a million!

F Kupo


Re: Shift-quote (to access buffer) on empty line inserts double-quote

The issue only seems to happen on my Windows 7 development box and not a Windows 20003 build server. 

And after further experimentation, I can summarize it thus:  in command mode on an empty line, pressing the quote/double-quote key will insert a single quote (or double quote if you pressed Shift as well) on the empty line.


Re: Shift-quote (to access buffer) on empty line inserts double-quote

It's weird. Do you have any other 3rd party add-in installed? Visual Assist, or Resharper, etc...? That could explain it.


Re: Shift-quote (to access buffer) on empty line inserts double-quote

Brilliant, sir, and as a reader of these forums, of course I should have thought of my installed extensions as potential culprits.  A hint was also that ViEmu worked fine on the build server - which has no extensions installed at all in VS2010.

The culprit is one of the tools in the "Microsoft Productivity Power Tools" extension - each tool can be disabled individually, and once "Auto Brace Completion" is disabled, the problem is gone.

That specific tool detects and acts upon quotes and double-quotes, which I guess means it acts upon the keystroke before ViEmu does.  I imagine there's no way to ensure ViEmu gets keystrokes before any other extension.

FYI, here is the documentation of the tool - note the part about quotes and double-quotes...

"Auto Brace Completion

Automatic Brace Completion improves the productivity of writing code by automatically inserting the closing code construct when the opening construct is typed for VB & C#.  More specifically, this extension:

Supports the following constructs: (), {}, [], <>, “”, and ‘’.

Allows you to press <TAB> to navigate past the next enclosing brace
Allows you to automatically complete a statement in C# by inserting the closing semi-colon and moving you to the next line with SHIFT + ENTER."

Cheers and thanks a million!  All is well now -

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