Re: available: Visual Assist and Resharper compatibility

[ EDIT: This release is superseded by the official 1.4.6 release as described here: http://forums.ngedit.com/viewtopic.php?id=45 ]

I have built and uploaded build, with several provisions for Visual Assist and Resharper compatibility. ViEmu already had some specific measures in place for this purpose, but there were some pending issues. You can download it here:


It's necessary to manually uninstall previous 1.4.5.x builds before installing this one.

By the way, I have changed the release numbering scheme for intermediate/non-official builds: instead of being named with the next official build's name with an 'alpha' tag attached, it is now an incremental over the previous version. I will now switch to the new number when I do a an official release (for this one, it will be 1.4.6).

The specific measures implemented are the following:

Visual Assist:

(1) In order to work well together, it's necessary that ViEmu intercepts the Visual Studio editor after Visual Assist. I had implemented a pretty complex system to do so, but it was failing sometimes for some customers after long editing sessions. Now, thanks to the info provided by the developers of Visual Assist, ViEmu reliably detects whether Visual Assist has already intercepted the editor, and withholds from doing so itself if not - thus reliably fixing the problems.

(2) The ESC key in insert mode would not return to normal mode if a Visual Assist autocompletion drop-down was open. I've changed the way ESC is handled when VAX is loaded, and it now also leaves insert mode.


The fixes are only applicable to Resharper 2.0, both for VS.NET 2003 and VS2005. 2.0 is a free upgrade for existing Resharper customers, so it's hopefully sufficient - but please let me know if someone needs to keep using Resharper 1.x. The developers of Resharper have also been very kind to provide information in order to implement these fixes.

(1) The 'rename' refactoring for local variables in Resharper enters a special inline linked editing mode. When done in normal or visual modes, ViEmu would not enter insert mode, resulting in a confusing state. ViEmu now detects the command, and whether it is inline, and it automatically enters insert mode.

(2) With Resharper 1.x, when typing a '/' search, an interaction between ViEmu's incremental search and Resharper would end up with the text 'Ready' overwriting the search being typed. This doesn't happen any more with the current ViEmu and Resharper 2.0, and customers using both have confirmed it, so I'm checking this off as fixed.

As a reminder, ViEmu also has provisions for WorskpaceWhiz and for DevExpress' CodeRush, which requires installing a specific DxCore plugin as detailed here:


Please post here in the forum or write to support@ngedit.com with any other incompatibilities with these or other 3rd party addins.