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Hi everyone,

Is there a way to change the viemu search highlight color (yellow by default)?




Re: search highlight color

Hello A.,

Yes indeed. You can go to VS's color configuration environment (Tools|Options|Fonts&Colors), look for 'ViEmu hlsearch', and change it to suit your taste.


  - Jon


Re: search highlight color

While we're on the subject, just a quick newbie question. How can I remove the highlight after I'm done searching?


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Re: search highlight color

oshmoz, you can either search for something that does not exist (/xyz<return>), duh, or you can use the :noh comand (full name :noh[lsearch]). This command will turn highlighting off until your next search. You can map it to some key like this (shown mapped to '\'):

  :map \\ :noh<return>

Put it in your home folder's _viemurc or .viemurc to have it read on every session.


Re: search highlight color

Thanks muchly! The remove highlight tip is awesome too.


Re: search highlight color

Glad to hear that. I'm planning to start a pinned topic at the forum for suggested mappings & tricks.


  -- Jon


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Sorry to reply to a 12 year old thread, but I'm having a problem with this.

I know I have the correct setting because I set the search highlight adornment to magenta.  That checks out.  However, I set the font to black, yet the font is still showing up as white.

White on magenta isn't as awful as white on yellow, but it's still hard to see.  I'd rather have black font.

PunBB bbcode https://i.imgur.com/9VNuh4E.jpg

I set the ViEmu HLSearch Font item foreground to "Black" but for some reason it keeps getting reset to "Default" which is white.

PunBB bbcode https://i.imgur.com/O7pdfRw.jpg

I can live with white on magenta, but I'd really rather have black.  Any idea why HLSearch font keeps resetting to Default?


Re: search highlight color

Hi Caffeine, I unfortunately don't know what it could be due to. Do you have some other 3rd party add-in installed? Knowing what version of VS you are using may help fix this. I'm planning to make ViEmu open source in the near future, hopefully this will help improve this area. Regards -- Jon