Re: typing : would trigger intellisence ?

Most of the time viemu is the best but I have found this behaviour is very annoying.

Say I have just modified a document and in normal mode, and my caret is at beginning of the file and it is in at the 'u' position of a using statement, if I try to save this file, type ": " would trigger intellisence which will fill another "using" keyword.
for example:

using System;

if my curser is at "u", by typing :w <enter> it will be:

usingusing System;

This will trigger intellisence whenever a keyword is highlighted by the caret.

I did not find this problem on vsvim.

So if I try to run a command, then I have to make sure there is nothing under caret.

I am using vs2010 ultimate x86 + resharper +vax , intellisence is using vax's.

Help please.

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Re: typing : would trigger intellisence ?

I guess this is a bug? As I/Intellisence is allowed to insert text even viemu is in normal mode.


Re: typing : would trigger intellisence ?

Hi, Yuan, sorry for the delay. You are right, in normal mode intellisense shouldn't be triggered. We'll take a look at this and get back to you in a few days. Thanks for the report!


Re: typing : would trigger intellisence ?

Thanks for the update. A work around is just to noremap :b :b<enter> if anyone else is struggling.


Re: typing : would trigger intellisence ?

I have the same problem as this, but with Visual Assist installed and presumably taking over from standard intellisense popups... perhaps its the same problem though and will have the same fix.

It'd be a great thing to get fixed, its annoying to corrupt your file as you go to save it.

Oh and also the remap fix doesn't seem to work for me. Are you able to put this command in at runtime within visual studio, or is this only for vimeurc. If the latter, not entirely sure where that file has to live and how you can test that its being parsed?


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Re: typing : would trigger intellisence ?

Hi again jimbobuk,

We still working in it; sometimes fix some issues generate another problems with plugins compatibility or ViEmu basic functions.
Eventually you can use the Yuan Liu solution.