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Jon -- This is not a request for high priority action on your part.  I have an easy workaround.

I'm trying to master speech recognition so that I can write more while typing less.  I am still a beginner and it is helpful for me to close my eyes or look away from the screen while I'm talking.  Maybe someday I won't have to do this but for now it's necessary.

I answered several Outlook e-mail messages this evening.  This is normally not a problem.  I put ViEmu in insert mode, close my eyes and talk.  But on one message when I opened my eyes ViEmu had gone into visual mode and the message was all screwed up.  In another message some letters were missing.  That is, I could see the complete words in the speech recognition transcript but not all the letters were in the outlook message.  ViEmu was still in insert mode.

Should ViEmu work and play well with speech recognition, or should I just turn ViEmu off?  I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8.1 on Windows XP.

(This post was voice dictated with only minor keyboard editing.  Very cool!)


Re: Speech Recognition


It was very cool to read about this usage! I wouldn't have expected to mix Word/Outlook, vi/vim editing, and speech recognition in a real use case. Really nice.

If you can figure out what the exact problem is, I will be happy to have a look at it and try to provide a fix or workaround. If not, I would suggest disabling ViEmu with the Ctrl-Shift-Alt-V hotkey, which you can later use to toggle it back on. This is mainly because I have never tried any speech recognition myself, and I'm not sure what the interactions may be.

Thanks for the feedback, and I will think about trying speech recognition myself, it might be a great productivity boost for some tasks.

Best regards,

  -- Jon


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If I notice consistent symptoms I will post them.  The primary problem may be my 2.5 year old computer *really* wants to be replaced.  ;-)


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Let me know about anything you discover smile