Re: Open command

I tried searching but both google and these forums don't seem to like ":o" as a term, so I'm sorry if this has come up before.

I'm wondering if there is any support (or any plan for support) of the ":o" command. I tried it out in hopes of getting an easy way to switch between tabs or switch to a file in the same directory that's not yet opened (I LOATHE the mouse), but all I got back was an "unknown command" response.

I think this would be very useful for people like me that have a lot of files open at a time and may need to swap back and forth periodically. (How easy this is to implement, I don't know.)

Also, thank you for this tool. Having used vim for so long I find myself to be completely unable to be without it. (Yes, I have quite frequently typed things like gg into notepad, and then cursed at the screen as I reached for the mouse.)