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I wouldn't mind getting the scrolloff option implemented if it's not too much trouble. I've grown quite fond of it.



Re: scrolloff


I do plan to implement that features in a future version. I also miss it myself, having a certain "context" when you scroll is very useful. I'll post about it here when it's ready.

I even plan to add the feature to Codekana (http://www.codekana.com), as it will also be useful and welcome for non-vi(m)ers.


  -- Jon


Re: scrolloff

Thanks Jon. Don't let it take too much effort away from the next Major ViEmu Version That Will Solve World Hunger.

I've also found it quite handy for when you zt (scroll such that cursor is at top). I often want to see just a little bit of content above the cursor line, but mostly below. Plain zt has too little content above the cursor, and zz (scroll to middle) has too much content above the cursor.

Thanks to scrolloff, the command feels like it becomes "focus on the cursor line and its context" in a nice way. In fact, I don't use any other scrolling commands other than zt and scrolloff.


Re: scrolloff

Hoping to provide the Next Major ViEmu Version That Won't Solve World Hunger, But Will Hopefully Make Life Happier For A Tiny But Important Fraction Of Humanity, although right now I am more focused in preparing the Next Major Codekana Version That Will Help Business Grow A Bit And Counteract The Effects of Recession, and the first version of The Web Browser For Cellphones That Will Allow You To Waste Too Much Time On Reddit Even On The Go smile

Anyway, everything should come in its due time.

I also use zt a lot. Actually, I sometimes scroll only using zt / zz / zb and H/M/L. Don't ask me why, but I sometimes find it more comfortable.


Re: scrolloff

Hi, any update on this feature. As a new ViEmu user from a 10 year vim user, I am sorely missing this.


Re: scrolloff

esac, I haven't been able to implement it yet. I will try to push it higher up on the todo list. I'll post here when it's ready.

  -- Jon