Re: viemu behaving strange

I'm pretty sure it's my fault some how but maybe someone can help me figure out what I did.

As far as I remember, I closed Visual Studio and a few hours later restarted it and continued working. At this point, viemu doesn't quite work the way I expect it to. It seems to be stuck in normal mode, however no commands go through and instead all keys are forwarded to vs as if it was in insert mode. It's not quite in insert mode though because some keys don't work, like backspace, escape, etc.

I have no idea how it got to this. I've tried disabling/enabling the plugin, restarting visual studio, rebooting the pc, but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?



Re: viemu behaving strange

Maybe you can try resetting VS settings. This can be done by launching VS with the /resetsettings switch. Please be aware that this will delete your font/color settings, among others, so you may want to back them up before you do this.
Since ViEmu installation is a fast process (at least for ViEmu for VS 2010, which I'm guessing is what you're using), you can try to uninstall it, run VS to see if you get backspace/escape keys back, and install it again, before you try resetting VS settings.
Please tell us how it goes, thanks!

-- Isaac


Re: viemu behaving strange

Sorry for the late reply. I've had no problem with the plugin on my work machine so I forgot about this for a few days.

Anyway, what seems to have done it was to disable viemu, reboot the machine, restart VS and then re-enable viemu. Though I'm thinking the reboot might not have been necessary. Oh and I'm using VS2k8, for the record.

Thanks for your reply.


Re: viemu behaving strange

No problem, I'm glad you got it working again, thanks for the info!