Topic: Repeat Last Command Not Always Compatible With Intellisense

I am using VS 2008 with ViEmu 2.5.4. Sometimes the dot command to repeat the last thing does not work with Intellisense. Here are the steps to reproduce this.

Given the following code:

public void SomeMethod() {
    ReadLoad readLoad = ReadLoadsWithEmptyReadsBackup.GetReadLoad(_user);
    Route route = null;
    route.Should().Be = _route;
    route.Should().Be = _route;

Put the cursor at the start of the first line with route.Should().Be = _route; and use ce to delete route and enter insert mode and then type:
and hit escape leaving that entire line with:
readLoad.Current.Route.Should().Be = _route;
If you then try to repeat this command starting at route on the next line you sometimes get this:
    .Should().Be = _route;

This only happens if you use intellisense to Select 'Current' and 'Route'. What is interesting is that if you start to type the word Current or Route, but use intellisense to complete it, it actually works correctly. But if they show up as the first available word and you hit Enter, then the repeat command just inserts a new line.

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Re: Repeat Last Command Not Always Compatible With Intellisense

Thanks for the report, INTPnerd.