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I've just started at a new company and got myself set up; I'm running VS2010 Premium with ViEmu 2.5.14 and Visual Assist X build 1850. I've run VS2010 with ViEmu and VA-X before, with no issues, but this time around it seems ViEmu is somehow breaking VA's complete-as-you-type suggestion lists - that is, when I type the first character of a symbol, I get a suggestion list, but when I continue to type, that last is not refined or updated unless I press Ctrl-Space. Disabling ViEmu makes suggestion lists work as expected, but obviously my editor becomes unusable to me and my code becomes littered with Vi commands smile

(I'm using it to edit C#, but the same thing happens for C++ too)

Has anyone else seen anything like this? Any suggestions as to how to make it work again?


Re: ViEmu/Visual Assist complete-as-you-type

Hi cawhitworth,

We think there may be some incompatibility with some versions of with visual assist in this issue, thanks for the report. We'll try to fixit in a future release of ViEmu.



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OK - I'll try reverting to an older revision of ViEmu/VA X and see if that helps - it was definitely working until fairly recently, so if I can find which version (and which product) caused the incompatibility, I'll let you know.


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So, I've done a quick run through recent Visual Assist versions, and it seems that things work as expected in build 1845 and stop working in build 1848.

I'll let Whole Tomato know too as obviously if this is a VA issue, I can't expect Symnum to fix it smile


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Thanks for this report cawhitworth, really is a hard work make different versions of different plugins compatibles with each other, smile.