Topic: Copy and Paste Fails In VS when ViEmu is disabled

I work in an environment where pairing is common and since only two of us are Vi/ViEmu users, I often need to disable ViEmu during a pairing session.  However, when I do, the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-c, ctrl-v) for Copy and Paste don't seem to work.  Oddly, Cut does work.  If I uninstall ViEmu.  The shortcuts work again.

It's really a pain to have to either use the menus for copy paste or uninstall ViEmu for a pairing session.  Is there some setting I'm missing when I disable ViEmu that doesn't completely disable it?

VS 2010
Resharper 6.1
ViEmu 2.5.14


Re: Copy and Paste Fails In VS when ViEmu is disabled

Hi, the issue is that Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V are by default assigned, by ViEmu, to the commands ViEmu.KeypressCtrlC and ViEmu.KeypressCtrlV. Ctrl-X is left untouched. For them to copy and paste, they need to be bound to Edit.Copy and Edit.Paste. You could assign them permanently to the Edit.Copy and Edit.Paste, but you will lose their functionality in ViEmu mode.

You can reset keybindings. Or one possible option is to write a macro to do/undo those bindings.