Topic: SQL 2012 visual block mode?

I often use ctrl-Q to go into column mode in viemu/sql 2008. Just installed the trial 2012 and when I try it I get "waiting for second key of chord..."

What's this about? How do I get into visual block mode?


Re: SQL 2012 visual block mode?

The problem is that there are several SSMS keybindings starting with Ctrl-Q, which are bound to internal SSMS commands. Thus, Ctrl-Q is not reaching ViEmu.

You can do one of several things to fix this:

1) Use Ctrl-V instead, which does the same as Ctrl-Q.
2) Remove all keybindings that start with Ctrl-Q, and bind Ctrl-Q to command ViEmuSQL.Connect.KeypressCtrlQ
3) Map some other Ctrl-{key} that is bound to ViEmu.Connect.KeypressCtrl{key} (say, N), using nnoremap <c-n> <c-q>, and then you can use Ctrl-N to select blocks.

Hope that helps!