Topic: AutoComplete and "."

I inserted some text and used intellisence/autocomlete to insert some text.
I hit escape and then hit . to repeat the command.
Only the text that I typed gets inserted and not the rest of the text.

I am using VS 2012 and ReSharper 7 early access.


Re: AutoComplete and "."

Jerry, this should be fixed in release 3.0.6. Can you confirm it, please?


Re: AutoComplete and "."

It looks like you have this fixed in 3.0.6.  Things are working great - even better than I had expected.  I haven't tested every scenario but what I have done has worked well.

Thanks for fixing this one.



Re: AutoComplete and "."

Great to hear it's working fine now, thanks!


Re: AutoComplete and "."

This feature works really nicely, and alone is worth the upgrade to 3.x