Topic: "A" and "." bug

I noticed a problem with "A" (append at eol) and "." (repeat last command). Take the following two lines:

line 1
line two

Put the cursor on the "l" of "line 1". Hit: "A.<Esc>" to append a period to the line. Now, hit "j" to move the cursor down, to the "w" in "two". Hit "." to repeat the "A.<Esc>" insert. However, instead of appending a period, it actually prepends a period to the current cursor position (the "w"), and you end up with:

line 1.
line t.wo

I don't recall if this is a regression with ViEmu 3, or it's always been this way. VIM 7.3 does the expected thing.

I am running Visual Studio 2010 with ViEmu 3.0.6.