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Hello, I've been using ViEmu for about a year now and I'm greatly in love with it! I just recently started working on a new project that involves a lot of javascript and have noticed that when performing commands in command mode (i.e. a search or a "w"), only when in a .js file, it will act like it's in insert mode and insert a carriage return upon hitting enter after the command. Steps to reproduce:
- open any file with a .js extension
- perform a search (type "/help")
- hit enter
- the file is modified and a carriage return is inserted

I'm using VS 2013, ViEmu 3.0.13, Windows 8. And here is a screenshot of the other extensions I have installed: http://cl.ly/image/1x3d1S292W1A

Thanks for your help!


Re: insert mode in .js files

Hi, heffay

First of all, thanks for your kind words.

VS 2013 is not yet supported by ViEmu. We're working on a build that will work on VS 2013 Preview, and will take a look at this issue to try to fix it for that first release.

Thanks for your patience.


Re: insert mode in .js files

I'm sorry, must have fat fingered that post. It's really VS2012


Re: insert mode in .js files

Hi, heffay

In the "about Microsoft Visual Studio" dialog accesible through the Help menu there is a "Copy info" button. Please send us a support email with that info included and will look into this.