Topic: Getting location of _vimrc to use in mappings (VisualStudio)

In Gvim I can find out the path to the .vimrc file it loaded by entering

:echo $MYVIMRC

and similarly for the .gvimrc file


Now in ViEmu for Visual Studio :echo is not supported so I was wondering if there was a way to print out the location of where ViEmu loaded the _vimrc file from?

Also it would be useful if :split took an optional filename argument so that in addition to splitting the screen it loaded the specified file into the new half.

I think most of you can see where I'm going with this.  What I really would like to be able to do in _viemurc is specify a mapping to load the _vimerc file into visual studio. e.g.

:noremap ,ev :split $MYVIMRC<cr>

actually what I really would like to have is

:noremap <leader>ev :split $MYVIMRC<cr>

but that would require the implementation of mapleader and let.

Also is there an easy way to get ViEmu to reload (source) the _viemurc file.  This would be handy when making changes to the _vimeurc file.


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Re: Getting location of _vimrc to use in mappings (VisualStudio)

My vote for those features. It would be very nice to have them.