Topic: Not working in SSMS 2014

I just installed SSMS 2014 and ViEmu 3.6 for Sql Server and there is no indication that ViEMU is doing anything. I can toggle to enable on and off but in either mode characters are simply entered into the document. (Win 7 x64. Also have SQL Prompt installed)

I note that when I toggle ViEmu active i see the '-- Normal --' status message and after executing a script I got a popup 'welcome on viemu'. But the letter keys do nothing put enter characters


Re: Not working in SSMS 2014

Interesting: ViEmu does not work in buffers which are automatically opened on startup. We are using SqlPrompt and it can be configured to restore open files. In those files ViEmu is not active. In any buffers opened after startup ViEmu works. (Note that it still does not support key mapping).