Topic: Update to Resharper 2019.1.1 Consumes ESC

Still trying to figure out all conditions where this occurs, but after the latest update to ReSharper, the ESC key is being consumed before VIEmu gets to see it.  When trying to go from Insert mode to Normal mode, I am, in some cases, having to hit ESC two to three additional times to return to Normal mode.  It seems to be situations where ReSharper has offered autocompletion options.  Not quite sure what the difference is where it needs two ESC vs three.  I temporarily suspended ReSharper and ViEmu goes back to expected behavior.  That and it started after the latest update applied, so pretty sure it's a change to ReSharper.  I'm going to send them a note too, but figure they'll point me back here.

VS2017 Enterprise 15.9.11
ReSharper 2019.1.1 latest release version
ViEmu 3.9.1


Re: Update to Resharper 2019.1.1 Consumes ESC

I tried to downgrade to ReSharper 2019.1, but it did not resolve issue.  Based on 2019.1 -> 2019.1.1 release dates being so close, I might have updated from 2018.3.4, so might be a change in the 2019 version rather than .1 -> .1.1