Topic: ViEmu advertising

Hello colleagues,

It seems like our beloved ViEmu isn't getting attention it deserves among Visual Studio users. Currently it has only 3 reviews on Visual Studio market which is unexpectedly small number, I believe we should give it more promotion there.

I'm also trying to push Viemu to a curated list of .NET tools on github through PR, would be nice if you could upvote it here - https://github.com/quozd/awesome-dotnet/pull/958


Re: ViEmu advertising

Sergey, thanks so much! I appreciate it a lot. It's great help to get the word about ViEmu out there, and it personally gives me a motivation boost... already implemented a couple new features for the next version smile Hoping to have the time to put together a significant new version during 2021... fingers crossed.

Best wishes!

  -- Jon