Re: SSMS Show/Hide Results Pane

I love having vi in my SSMS query window and am learning to love the visual mode but have an issue w/ the Results window.

Before ViEmu, <ctrl>+R would toggle showing me the results window and hiding the results window (from the menu: Window->Show/Hide Results Pane). With a small monitor, I like to hide the results while coding.

After ViEmu, <ctrl>+R puts me in replace mode.

How do I tie some keyboard combination to "Show/Hide Results Pane"? I would love to not have to grab the mouse and click when I want to see/hide the results.



Re: SSMS Show/Hide Results Pane

Since it took me much fiddling on my work PC to remember how I did this on my home PC, I thought I'd list the steps for other newbies. In a few months when I figure out how to do it via some secret config file, I'll repost.

I want to be able to easily hide/show the results pane in SSMS, however, once ViEmu loads, <ctrl>+R is changed to "replace mode".

My solution - add a new toolbar w/ one option "Show Results Pane", change the shortcut key from "S" to "R". Here's how:

- Open SSMS
- View->Toolbars->Customize
- New - give it a name (e.g. "results")
- The toolbar will be floating somewhere, dock it along side the other tool bars
- click on the "Commands" tab on the Customize window
- select "window" under Categories, select "Show Results Pane" under Commands
- drag "Show Results Pane" text/icon up onto the "results" toolbar
- click "Rearrange Commands..."
- select "results" under Tool Bar dropdown
- click "Modify Selection"
- change the "Name" property from "&Show Results Pane" to "Show &Results Pane"
- close Customize window.

Now, when you press <alt>+R, the results pane toggles visibility. It only takes a little while to train your fingers this new combo - of course - if anyone else tries to type on your PC they are in for some grief.


Re: SSMS Show/Hide Results Pane


Thank you so much for posting your solution here. I just wanted to clarify that "Ctrl-R" actually means "Redo" in ViEmu (as in vim), and also that, given SSMS's keyboard configurability is so limited, I'm really glad you were able to find a way to get your keybinding working, or at least one close enough!

Best regards,

  -- Jon