Re: Loading of files in VS after being edited outside of VS

I have noticed that if a file is edited outside of VS, then
you click on VS and that file is open that it doesn't ask you
if you want to reload file file, then if you wait some long amount
of time and reclick the VS it then does ask the question.
The old VS editor would ask instantly, is
it possible to get a quicker reload?
Is there some control, or file to edit to turn it on.

Also if you try and use :e! to reload the file it doesn't like
the !

If you use :e <enter> then it pops a dialog to choose a file,
if you choose the same file that was open it doesn't reload it.


Re: Loading of files in VS after being edited outside of VS

Hello Lmm,

Apologies for the delay in answering. I have just tested this with both VS.NET 2003 and VS 2008, and happens immediately for me. This behavior is under VS's control, not ViEmu's, so it's unlikely that ViEmu affects it. Do you have some other 3rd party package installed apart from ViEmu? That may be the cause. Maybe, if you disable or uninstall ViEmu you will be able to check this better. Also, what do you mean exactly with "the old VS editor"? ViEmu is not really a totally new editor, it actually piggybacks on VS's built-in editor. Having it as a separate editor would cause a lot of compatibility problems.

Apart from that, :e and :e! are actually not implemented in the current version, this is planned for a future release.

Best regards,

  -- Jon


Re: Loading of files in VS after being edited outside of VS

I'm also experiencing this problem using VS 2005 (8.0.50727.762).  This is a work flow issue for me since I check files in and out of proprietary source control from an external application.  Closing the file and re-opening it works, of course, but is not very convenient.

Sometimes, though not always, a ":w" will prompt VS to prompt for reloading the file.

This was working immediately before installing ViEmu but not after.  The only other 3rd party package I have installed is SlickEdit gadgets.


Re: Loading of files in VS after being edited outside of VS


I've never been able to reproduce it with any version of VS. It might be related to some other 3rd party add-in, or possibly to some other extraneous condition.

I've just installed SlickEdit Gadgets in VS 2005 (8.0.50727.762, as you), and everything works fine: when I edit a file externally, when getting back to VS it prompts for reload.

I've tested it with bot C++ and C# files, can you let me know if you are using some other type of file? It's not likely to be the cause, but just in case.

Can you try uninstalling ViEmu and SlickEdit Gadgets in turn, to see if that fixes it? I apologize for making you waste time, but I can't do that test myself.

The reloading is actually an internal VS feature, I don't really know how they check for changes (although I guess they check the file's timestamp, which is the common way). Of course, it's possible that some ViEmu feature is getting in the middle.


  -- Jon


Re: Loading of files in VS after being edited outside of VS

Hi Jon,

I would be happy to do whatever I can to help.  I'm typically editing C/C++ source managed by a VS solution and project.  I reported this issue just after installing the ViEmu trial and unfortunately the issue seems to be (here comes the dreaded word) intermittent.

When the stars properly align once more and the issue reappears (if it does) I will, of course, try the things you suggest and possibly a few other things (eg. source control managed vs unmanaged source file, etc.) and post the results back here.

Thanks for your time and your reply.

(aka Grymoire)

PS.  One more odd thing to mention.  When last the stars aligned I mentioned that I could close and reopen the file in VS to force the refresh.  This is true when reopening from the solution explorer but if the file was reopened by double-clicking a reference in a "Find Results" panel then the stale version of the file was reopened (ie. not refreshed from disk).  I admit that I have no idea what this implies.


Re: Loading of files in VS after being edited outside of VS

It most likely implies that *someone* is keeping a reference to the underlying buffer object. It shouldn't be ViEmu (I think I got that nailed), but maybe there is an interaction with something else?

I've left SlickEdit Gadgets installed to see if I get anything, although (1) I don't use VS2005 very much, and (2) I don't rely on the reloading behavior very much myself.

Please get back in touch if you can gather some more info. With the info above, it's difficult to diagnose anything!


  -- Jon