Re: Problem with Delete of words

First I have to say congratulations on Vi Emu. It is a fantastic product and has made my life in Visual Studio so much easier. Worth every penny of it's purchase price smile

I do have a bug to report though. I often use the keystrokes "daw", "diw", "caw" "ciw" to delete and change words. These work fine in Vi Emu in their single version but don't work if I add a count before them.

For example in a line such as:

"Remove a Class Summary item from the collection"

I would like to to be able to put the cursor on the word "Class" and type 3caw to delete the words "Class", "Summary" and "item" and put me in insert mode ready to type the new text. When I try this in Vi Emu it simply deletes the space between "Class" and "Summary" leaving me with

"Remove a ClassSummary item from the collection"

Not a big deal I know but it's frustrating especially when I am flipping backwards and forewards between VS and VIM.

If you could look into it for a future release I would be very grateful smile

Many thanks,



Re: Problem with Delete of words


Thanks a lot for the positive comments, and for the detailed bug report. I'll have a look at the weird behavior and get back to you.