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I've been trying out incredibuild (www.xoreax.com) but it seems to clash with viemu: when incredibuild is installed, viemu-functionality is largely gone in VS. I've disabled viemu while evaluating incredibuild, I'm not sure yet which one is most valuable to me, but it would be nice if they would work both smile Any ideas on how I could get this to work?




Re: Incredibuild & viemu

Roel, I'll check it. I actually have some customers that use both, and so far, they haven't had any problems. I'll check with them, and I'll also try to install it myself. I'll let you know what I find out.


Re: Incredibuild & viemu

Thanks for the quick reply and I hope you haven't spend too much time on it yet - it started working after turning viemu on/off a couple of times and restarting the IDE a couple of times as well. I'm not quite sure what combination/order did the trick, but it looks like my problems were only there after installing incredibuild. I've also installed an update of viemu (in an attempt to get it to work), so maybe that the installation of viemu after incredibuild had been installed did it.


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Good, I'm glad it worked. I'm at an absolute loss why installation order may have an effect this. The stuff VS does when running 'devenv /setup', which all extensions have to do to get 'registered', is largely underdocumented, so it's not easy to tell. This registering process is also MUCH slower on VS2005 than what it used to be on VS.NET 2003, making install/uninstall cycles a pain. Sigh.


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I had very similar issues with Incredibuild & ViEmu.

I'm using Visual Studio 7.1 and Incredibuild was already installed and when I installed ViEmu all the Incredibuild stuff disappeared.

Again, like the previous poster, un & reinstalling seems to have gotten everything together.

Here's the sequence as far as I could tell:

VS 7.1
Install Incredibuild
+ Incredibuild Ok!
Install ViEmu
+ ViEmu Ok - Incredibuild Gone
Reinstall Incredibuild
+ ViEmu Ok - Incredibuild Gone
Uninstall ViEmu
+ ViEmu Gone - Incredibuild Ok
Reinstall ViEmu
+ ViEmu Ok - Incredibuild Ok

Perhaps ViEmu is using some old path to install itself.  Looks like at least with VS 7.1 the way to register an add-in is documented.  I use Incredibuild and Workspace Whiz and they both show up in Tools->Add In-Manager dialog box.  ViEmu doesn't.



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I'll check it with more detail. I really don't know what might be happenning. The reason ViEmu does not appear in the add-in manager is that ViEmu is not an add-in, but a 'package' (technically, a VsPackage). Most of VS itself is implemented as VsPackages, which implement the different editors, language-specific support, projects support, etc... The interfaces available to VsPackages were originally richer than those available to add-in's, although an "undocumented hack" came out to reach the package interface, and was later elevated to a documented feature. It's possible, but not sure, that ViEmu could be implemented as an add-in, which may help with some of these problems.

Anyway, I'll try to reproduce the case above and post here about the results.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!