Re: VI Cheat Sheet request: <Ctrl-.> z+. w+. g+. pages...

Of course the cheat sheets are already a hit as is.
They have been of great help to me.

But now, I wish I had equivalent tables for others sets of sub-keys.
The obvious ones are listed in the subject.

I am sure that many would be interested and willing to contribute to this.
Do you see a way to organize this?
Could we help by providing source materials in a convenient format to produce new pages in the same graphical format ?


Re: VI Cheat Sheet request: <Ctrl-.> z+. w+. g+. pages...


The source files of the original charts are on the web page, they are the SVG files. It should be possible to prepare the 'secondary' or 'extra' charts for the z* keys, the Ctrl- keys, the g* keys, etc...

The bitmap format images are just 1024 pixels wide renders done from Inkscape (File|Export).

I don't have time to prepare them myself, as I'm really busy working in ViEmu, but I would be very glad to add them to the page and host them, and provide due credit to the person who does them (in the form they prepare - name, name & e-mail, web link, whatever...)

Thanks a lot for the kind comments on the chart itself!