Re: behavior of CTRL-W_o, CTRL-W_c, and CTRL-W_s

It seems that the functionality for CTRL-W_o has been mapped to CTRL-W_c, and that the proper CTRL-W_c isn't implemented. Is this correct?

Also, after doing CTRL-W_s, CTRL-W-k, the status bar indicates that I'm still in NORMAL mode, but actually I'm in INSERT mode.

- Justin


Re: behavior of CTRL-W_o, CTRL-W_c, and CTRL-W_s

What VS version are you using? This may affect things too.

The main problem is that VS doesn't allow fine control of window splits for any operation. The model is also very limited -- they only allow two horizontally split panels per file. They also have "tab groups", but it's a completely different context, and still less accessible from their extensibility API.

I'll try to have a look again when I get to work on the VS 2010 version, as the editor has changed and the API might be better now.


  - Jon