Re: Don't Show ViEmu Bar in Word When ViEmu Disabled

ViEmu for Word and Outlook v 1.5.1 in MS Word 2007.

Sorry if I missed the answer...   When I use Word I switch ViEmu on and off frequently.  When ViEmu is off, is there any way to hide the yellow ViEmu bar?  It just takes up screenspace and often hides something I'd like to see.  Thanks.


Re: Don't Show ViEmu Bar in Word When ViEmu Disabled

Well, this is weird.  I just stumbled across a way, on my machine anyway, to hide the ViEmu bar whether ViEmu is enabled or disabled.  I guess it shows the complexity of writing an add-in for Word.  ;-)

1.  Split the screen.  (Don't know what it's called, but drag the line thingie above the document vertical scrollbar but below the toolbar.)

2.  Click alternately on the top window and bottom window, observing the ViEmu bar at the bottom of each pane.

3.  Go back to a single window by dragging the divider back to the top.

It doesn't seem to happen all the time, but sometimes the ViEmu bar does not show.  To get it to come back, press <Ctrl><Shift><Alt>V repeatedly until it shows up.

I had enough problems generating about 300 pages of a 500 page Word document automatically from an MS Access DB.  Glad I'm not the one who has to work with Word at the add-in level!  ;-)


Re: Don't Show ViEmu Bar in Word When ViEmu Disabled

Thanks for posting about the way to work around ViEmu/W&O's limitation. A better status bar, in this and in other aspects, remains planned for the next major version of ViEmu/W&O. It is indeed one of the most intrusive aspects.

Good luck with the 500 page document! Indeed, ViEmu wouldn't be able to manage that. I'm trying to get a good contact inside the Word dev team and see whether they can teach me to do some magic with their object model, if it is at all possible.

  - Jon