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I have an evalution version of ViEmu.   I gave up VIM when I started with VS and Ive always missed it.    After reading  some posts here,  it seems that VS macros are the way to go.  The scripting language is  more powerful ,  VS  macros have direct access to VS objects and events and there's a larger choice of keystrokes in tha tVS  allows mapping chords.  Only thing is you have to work with the DTE object  !#$%.

Anyway opened a macro in the macro IDE and realized there was no ViEmu - is there a way to use ViEmu in the macro IDE - my fingers get very confused switching between editors



Re: Viemu in the VS Macro IDE


I can sympathize with the problems of trying to tame VS and its extensibility model, including the DTE! Best luck with your efforts, and be sure to rest profusely between tasks.

Indeed, there is no vi/vim emulation support for the macros IDE. Internally, the macros IDE is a completely different application from the main IDE, and supporting vi/vim there would be a completely new project implementing a full implementation of a hosting solution. I determined this to not make business sense. It may be done some day, but it is unlikely, given the very limited demand for this. I am sorry about this. Hopefully, the models will converge in future VS versions, as it doesn't make sense to have so many different tet editor models.

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Thanks for your reply.  It sounds absurd that MS doesnt simply use a stripped down version of VS for the Macro IDE.  Anyway I  can see that under the circumstances implementing ViEmu in the Macro ID  would an expensive enhancement.  Woulda been nice but..

Yeah the DTE is another one of those MS tangled monster objects that cant be understood until youve learned a lot of details.


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Maddog, thanks for being understanding. One day, all development environments will be more unified and getting vi inside them will be simpler... but that it's still sci-fi anyway.


  -- Jon