Re: :set nojs

could i please request that :set nojs be supported in viemu?

from vim help page:

*'joinspaces'* *'js'* *'nojoinspaces'* *'nojs'*
'joinspaces' 'js'       boolean (default on)
                        {not in Vi}
        Insert two spaces after a '.', '?' and '!' with a join command.
        When 'cpoptions' includes the 'j' flag, only do this after a '.'.
        Otherwise only one space is inserted.
        NOTE: This option is set when 'compatible' is set.


Re: :set nojs

Taken note of the request. Not really sure how likely this is to be available soon, with such pressing issues as VS 2010 compatibility, a new licensing system and more general requests like :s//c flag support, but no request goes unnoticed and I'll post here when I have the chance to implement it.


  -- Jon