Re: #if/#else/#endif '%' support request

In stand-alone VIM you can not only use the '%' key to jump between braces, brackets and parens, but you can also use it to jump between #if/#else/#endif. I noticed that ViEmu does not have that feature, which is a little disappointing because I use that feature *all* the time.

So, as a paying customer, I want to request it. :-)


Re: #if/#else/#endif '%' support request

Dooglio, indeed, this is planned for a future release. I miss it myself! Unfortunately, I have to heavily prioritize the issues, because there are many things to do and always too little time, and this is not among the most important ones. Implementing VS2010 support is the top issue right now, and it will take some time.

Still, I think that I will be able to hire additional help in the future, as the business grows, and all these pending issues will be implemented one day!!

Best regards,

  -- Jon


Re: #if/#else/#endif '%' support request

+1 to request.

Just doing my part to inform the priority queue. wink


Re: #if/#else/#endif '%' support request

Afton, thanks for pointing this out. Suggesting this way is actually useful and effective: I have actually rescheduled this for an earlier release than it was planned, it shouldn't be too hard to do and it should be pretty useful.

  - Jon