Re: Can we get an option to auto-zR when opening a file?

My non-vi-using associates often check files in with regions collapsed. I often like to type zR to expand all regions when I open a file, but it would be easier if I didn't have to. It's not the easiest key sequence to type. Could we get a preference in ViEmu to automatically perform the zR functionality when opening any file? Does anyone else want this?


Re: Can we get an option to auto-zR when opening a file?

Tom, I'd say this is better served as something separate from ViEmu. I was going to say that I think it will probably be easy to put together the macro code moo kindly donated here, to do things on a doc being opened:


And add to it a DTE call to expand all regions. ViEmu used to do it like this:


But I am now using another manual method, walking all regions and expanding them. So it may be not so simple.

Anyway, this kind of behavior should be simple to get to work using built-in VS functionality. Let me know if there's no way to do that using pure VS means.