Re: Modal behaviour in Visual Studio (2008)


thanks for producing ViEmu - I use it daily and it helps a lot.

The one thing I find annoying is that the modal behaviour (with regard to navigating, or inputting) doesn't really work as I'd hope in visual studio.

What I am talking about is when you hit Esc - I expect to be returned to navigating mode.  Unfortunately, depending on context, you may well just be cancelling an intellisense thing or something, sometimes even 2 "Esc"s don't do it.

Have I missed something, because it does slow you down when you are expecting to take an action, only to find that there are just several extra letters on the screen, or you are in a different menu!

cheers (PS - I'm also using Resharper - which may explain why there are more menus etc)




Re: Modal behaviour in Visual Studio (2008)


Thanks for the kind comment. You are totally right on what the right behavior should be. Unfortunately, this problem happens sometimes when interacting with another third-party tool which also intercepts keypresses, due to the lack of a proper system to do this kind of thing in Visual Studio.

I won't be looking into fixing this right away, as I still have to develop the new input-interdception system for VS2010 and it might see its way back to ViEmu for older VS versions, but it would be helpful if you could provide me with all the relevant information to reproduce the problem. I am aware of this sometimes failing with Visual Assist, but I don't have a detailed description for the problem with Resharper.

Thanks and best regards,

  -- Jon