Re: :tabo

Just a feature request for the next version, would be nice to have and I would think it will be easy to tie to VS (close all tabs except the current one).



Re: :tabo

Couldn't you implement this yourself by adding an appropriate mapping in your _viemurc for the command :vsc File.CloseAllButThis

Unless I'm misunderstanding your request?


Re: :tabo

jpetrie, you're reight that he could add a mapping, but it's not the same as a custom 'ex' command.

dukedave, I will try to add support for custom ex commands in one of the next releases, to be able to implement this using File.CloseAllButThis. It shouldn't be too difficult for the basic cases. If anyone is familiar with how custom new ex commands are added under vim, I'd be grateful if you could post a short summary.


- Jon