Re: Where are mappings and settings stored ?

Hi everyone,

this may seem like an overly simple question to some of you, but where does ViEmu store mappings and settings (for example, ":set list", and such).

I looked around but couldn't find anything resembling a _vimrc. I also searched these forums a little, but alas, to no avail.

Otherwise, a great app.
My heartly thanks to the author for the idea
and the effort he putted into it.
-- Matjaz


Re: Where are mappings and settings stored ?

Matjaz, the same as vim, ViEmu stores them in memory and doesn't persist them, but it does execute an rc file on startup. The file can actually be called "_viemuwrc" or ".viemuwrc", and it must be stored in your home directory (check %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH% for details, although it's typically C:\Users\{username} or C:\Documents and Settings\{username}.

The ViEmu manual gives all the details, it is installed with the product and can be found from the link at the settings dialog, or you can check it online here:


Thanks for the kind comment and best regards,

  -- Jon