Re: Search buffer not implemented?

I'm used to Vim's search buffer, but it looks like it's not implemented in ViEmu. Basically this buffer holds the last search string used, even after you press * or # in normal mode. This is really usefull because Vim stores even the characters to do a "whole word" search. For example, if you press * when your cursor is located over the word "excellence", and later on you paste the search buffer (using Control-R/), Vim will paste \<excellence\>.

Could you add this to Christmas' "wish list"? smile


Re: Search buffer not implemented?

Nando, thanks for the suggestion. It is around the top of the features-todo list. I'm currently concentrating on fixing all outstanding issues in 2.0, I then want to invest a couple of weeks in some other product releases, and I'll then come back to improvements in ViEmu. But it's sure it will be implemented soon.

Thanks for the feedback and the detailed explanation!