Re: clear SQL Server Mgmt Studio output window

I apologize in advance because this question is really about SSMS, but until I started using ViEmu I didn't care...

Can anyone tell me how to clear the Output window?  It matters because that's where the output of the g command is displayed, and I have been unable to find ANYONE in the office who knows how to wipe the slate clean.


Re: clear SQL Server Mgmt Studio output window

The standard way in Visual Studio is to right click on the output window and select "Clear All".

I don't have access right now to either SQL Server or VS 2005 (on which SSMS is based), but I've checked in a VS 2008 install, and the command is "Edit.ClearAll". It has to be typed in the QuickFind edit box (where you type strings to search for), with a leading ">" to make it execute as a command, and with the focus in the output window. This works to clear it in both VS2008 and VS.NET 2003. I'm not sure the SQL Server QuickFind feature supports this model of typing commands directly ("File.OpenFile", "Edit.Copy", etc...).

Since I've considered doing a Codekana for SSMS, this and other improvements could be a good feature for that, as it doesn't have much to do with ViEmu.

Let me know if any of these hints points anywhere promising...


Re: clear SQL Server Mgmt Studio output window

I think I'm doing what you asked, and I just get an error message box:
The following specified text was not found:

I got the same results when I tried it in VS2005.

I got the same results when I tried it in VS2008, which makes me think I don't understand your directions.


Re: clear SQL Server Mgmt Studio output window

In the standard VS toolbar (where the New, OpenFile, ... icons are), usually right next to the right of the "Find in files" button, there is an editable combo box which you can click, type "id", and have VS search for "id" in the current file. All this without any dialogbox popping up.

In this editbox, if you type ">", it becomes some kind of "command line". You can type ">File.OpenFile", press return, and the Open File dialog comes up. It will even show an autocompletion of the available commands.

I can post a screenshot if that's not clear enough, let me know!


Re: clear SQL Server Mgmt Studio output window

I found it in the "Tools.Customize..." dialog; it's called "Go to Find Combo".  It is NOT on my toolbars in SSMS or VS.  I added it.

When I try ">Edit.ClearAll" in SSMS, I get an error box: Command "Edit.ClearAll" is not valid.  ">File.OpenFile" works fine.  The "Intellisense" (if I may call it that) lists the following "Edit.Clear" variations: "Edit.ClearAllBookmarksInDocument", "Edit.ClearBookmarks", "Edit.ClearFindResults1" and "Edit.ClearFindResults2".

I guess this means "no joy". sad


Re: clear SQL Server Mgmt Studio output window

At least in VS, the cursor must be in the output window before you click on the "Find Combo" (I think "QuickFind" is the std name) for Edit.ClearAll to work.

I've tried it here in SSMS 2005, and it seems the command is unfortunately not there (I've reviewed all the commands shown by the crude "Intellisense", although a more in-depth look would be warranted).

The command system in SSMS 2005, brought over wholesale from VS2005, is sadly poorly served by the lack of customizability offered to the user. All those commands and there is no official way to bind them to the keybindings of your choice! SSMS 2005 was indeed a crude job.

Given all of this, probably a programatic approach is needed -- I will take not of this and try to offer it in the future somehow.