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Is there a way to escape the intellisense popup tooltip without going back into normal mode? I can't seem to find this anywhere, of course, I can always map something in viemurc, but is there a native way to do this?



Re: Escape Intellisense?

Anhkiet, unfortunately there is no way to do that. The "standard wisdom" is that, if you don't like what Intellisense suggest, you can just keep typing and the drop-down will go away. Of course I understand you may want this feature anyway.

I've taken note of the request and hopefully I will be able to provide an option in the future (although my todo list genuinely huge in this moment).


  -- Jon


Re: Escape Intellisense?

John, it's fine most of the time, just that when intellisense comes up unnecessarily(vs 2008). For example, I am passing a delegate as a parameter to a function,

Foo(p => p.bar);

The problem is that p is recognized by intellisense for other variables/functions that starts with a "p" while I only want "p." I now have an intellisense tooltip which I cannot close without going back into normal mode easily. I have though, added the following in my viemurc,

inoremap <S-space> <esc>a<space>

So that if I shift-space, I can escape intellisense without it trying to fill in something for me. I don't think this is something you should put on your todo list, I'm sure the frequency of this "bug" is very low.

Thanks though,

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Re: Escape Intellisense?

Ah, ok, now I get it, sorry. "space" is taken as a signal to accept the autocomplete proposal.

Your workaround is very good. Right now, I can't really think of a better alternative.

The ironic part is that it took me quite some effort to make ESC close the Intellisense drop-down apart from exiting insert mode!