Re: ViEmu 2.2.9 doesn't work??


I am trying to install ViEmu 2.2.9 for VS these days and counldn't get it work. I tried on two platforms: Windows 7 RC and WindowsXP. On Win7, I have VC++ExpressEdition 2008 and on XP I have VC++EE 2005 installed. None of them works on both platforms. (I finished installation and opened IDE with a existing project. There is no indication that ViEmu exists. I coundn't find it anywhere in the menu of IDE.)

Is this program bugs? Anyone has same experience? Is there anyone can help me out?


Re: ViEmu 2.2.9 doesn't work??

Hello Ethan.

I see on your other post that you found it out yourself: ViEmu unfortunately doesn't work with the Express Editions of Visual Studio. This is not a limitation of ViEmu, but a restriction put in place by Microsoft: Express Editions do not load any external add-ons at all. I guess the reason is not to detract from the appeal of their commercial VS editions. There is nothing ViEmu can do about it.

Best regards,

  -- Jon