Re: Problem reinstalling v2.2.9


I've had to reinstall VS2005 after it started refusing to load.  VS is now fine but, after reinstalling ViEmu 2.2.9, it now refuses to load. 

Some of the things I've noticed,
   - The ViEmu icon appears in the VS splash screen,
   - ViEmu does not appear in the VS About box
   - Toos->Options has a ViEmu property page but accessing this produces the message "An error ocorred loading this property page"
   - The Text Editor has no indication that ViEmu is installed
I've already installed ViEmu multiple times and have uninstalled/installed ViEmu multiple times.  Note: I've always copied my key file to proper dir.

Do you know how to solve this problem?  Any help would be appreciated!  Your product is excellent and I'm not looking forward to having to use VS without ViEmu.

Thank you!


Re: Problem reinstalling v2.2.9

Shedon, that seems weird, especially since you have reinstalled ViEmu. I'm contemplating the possibility that something went wrong in the VS reinstall. Have you possibly reinstalled either VS or ViEmu in a different location the second time around?

The fact that ViEmu shows on the splash screen means the package loaded the last time "devenv /setup" was run. This is run by the ViEmu installer at the end of any install/uninstall process, per Microsoft instructions, to update some internal cache VS uses (it's what makes the install/uninstall process so slow). Using CMD.EXE, can you go to VS's folder (look where the VS start icon points, using right-click and 'properties', and navigate there), and type "devenv /setup", and see whether it changes the status of the splas icon?

The Tools|Options page not showing, plus ViEmu not showing on the About box, means the ViEmu package, though, doesn't load in regular sessions. This potentially points to some registry integration issue. For VS2005, the main key where ViEmu integrates is the following:


Can you use regedit and post what it contains? An "InProcServer32" key should point to the main ViEmu.dll, is the file properly found there? Is there a directory named "1033" alongside the DLL, containing a "ViEmuUI.dll" file?

The Tools|Options page is linked from the following key:


This should point to the package above ({86EEBA48-56EC-43E8-AAA2-3A7A8DD83332}) and list the page with ID {6A88B893-294C-47d8-A23B-E5A2405162A1}. The behavior you describe probably means this part of the configuration is fine, but that the package has not loaded fine. Can you please verify this?

Also, to make sure ViEmu loads at start-up, the follwing key should contain ViEmu's package ID ("{86EEBA48-56EC-43E8-AAA2-3A7A8DD83332}"):


Although if this is not present, it should be loaded when you try to access the Tools|Options page.

The presence or absence of the registration key file shouldn't affect whether ViEmu shows on Tools|Options or on Help|About.  Just to remove one variable from the equation.

Please let me know what the contents of the registry are for the keys above, and let's see whether we can figure out what's happening. In the worst case, I can least all the steps the installer does, so that you can do them manually, and then be sure integration is correct.


  -- Jon