Re: Codekana broke vim! (j/k)

The subject is sort of a lie.  I unfortunately decided to download and try out Codekana today.  Here's the problem: its awesome.  Reading code is just faster and easier.  On top of this fact probably costing me $40, the trouble is that now I don't like my normal VIM as much, and I code at least as much ruby inside normal vim as C++ inside viemu/visual studio. 

Is there anything close to the awesome highlighting syntax of Codekana for normal vim?


Re: Codekana broke vim! (j/k)

Hah hah! I was a bit worried when I read your title. Relieved to find out that it was actually positive smile

I'm not familiar with vim highlighting plug-ins. I hope to provide even better stuff in Codekana 2.0, so vim will feel more basic. And in the future, I do intend to provide a stand-alone text editor (kodumi), with some great new features, and of course including vi/vim emulation from ViEmu and syntax highlighting from Codekana!

Thanks for the kind post,

  -- Jon