Re: Behavior of named and default 'yank' buffer

In my experience both vi and vim yank (change/delete) into the "default" buffer every time a yank (change/delete) occurs - even if the yank is performed with a named buffer.   So if I use "ayy to yank a line into the 'a' buffer, I can "put" that buffer back using either "aP or just P, the latter using the default buffer.  Right now the default buffer only seems to hold the items explicitly put there and that is not the same as either vi or vim.  Is there a way to change this through the configuration settings?


Re: Behavior of named and default 'yank' buffer

Hello Kent,

You are right in that vi[m] copies the contents both to the named register and to the default one. ViEmu only copies it into the named register given. There is currently no way of fixing this, as it's actually a shortcoming of the current yanking implementation. I will try to address it in the next build of ViEmu, and I'll let you know when it's ready.

Thanks and best regards,