Re: MS/IronRuby developer uses ViEMU

John Lam, recently hired by Microsoft and IronRuby developer is using ViEmu http://www.iunknown.com/2007/06/vibrant_ink_vis.html

I use a similar color scheme as John, that I downloaded called DejaVuSans_Moria (google it).

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Re: MS/IronRuby developer uses ViEMU

Thanks Chris. Yes, he's a long time user of ViEmu. He posted about it almost a year ago, although the original post is only available through google's cache now for some reason:

George Reilly, core contributor to vim (the guy behind most of the Win32 port) is a ViEmu user too:


And of course many, many other hundreds of smart developers smile

PS: the color scheme is certainly cool, but I switched to developing over a white/light-gray background years ago, and I think I don't want to go back


Re: MS/IronRuby developer uses ViEMU

And, by the way, that John Lam post shows that he is a very recent convert to vi/vim editing (only last year), which proves once again that being a vi lover is not about being a dinosaur!


Re: MS/IronRuby developer uses ViEMU

And yet another thing, he works on a Macbook Pro, using a VM system to run Vista under Mac OS X, and Visual Studio with ViEmu in it. Amazing!